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Bright Lights, Big City

Picacdilly Gallery 16 Waterloo Place, St. James's, London SW1Y 4AR, United Kingdom

MARCH 8 - MAY 25

The cities of the 20th century thrummed like magnets, drawing in their populations from rural hinterlands and across borders and seas, their lights glowing with the promise of prosperity, fortune and fame. In Chicago and New York, people filled cafes, catwalks and discos; Swinging 60s London became the epicentre of youth culture; the 70s saw nonconformists of every psychedelic stripe make LA and San Francisco their spiritual home. In this pre-internet age, cities were the connective hubs, the centres of cultural transfer and emergent communities.

The exhibition will run from March 8 to May 25 at the Iconic Images Gallery Piccadilly, 16 Waterloo Place, in London. Entrance is free, and all fine art and books on display are available for purchase.

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