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Upcoming Gallery Event: The Life and Work of Glenda Jackson

On November 30th, Iconic Images Chelsea will host From Hoylake to Hollywood: The Life and Work of Glenda Jackson, an exploration of the actor's career led by London-based photographer, Erin Mountford. 

“From Hoylake to Hollywood: The Life and Work of Glenda Jackson” will examine the storied life and work of Oscar-winning actress and politician, Glenda Jackson.

This event is one of our Park Walk Talks Series, in which artists, researchers, and other experts discuss a range of topics relating to photography and the arts. 

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Park Walk Talks

From Hoylake to Hollywood: The Life and Work of Glenda Jackson

The latest edition in our Park Walks Talks Series, “From Hoylake to Hollywood: The Life and Work of Glenda Jackson,” takes a new look at one of England's most beloved actors.

The discussion will be led by Erin Mountford, a London-based artist whose experience in photography, theatre, and film production uniquely positions her to unravel the intricacies of Glenda Jackson's formidable character and varied career.

Join Mountford as she discusses her favorite Glenda Jackon performances, from Mary Queen of Scots to The Maids, and delves into the actor's compelling and complex legacy.

In the Spotlight: Glenda Jackson

Glenda Jackson began life in the north of England in 1936. A bricklayer's daughter, her preternatural ambition and determination would see her transcend her humble beginnings in pursuit of a legendary acting career. 

Training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, she made her stage debut in 1957, with castings in major motion pictures soon to follow.  

In 1969, Glenda Jackson earned an Oscar for her compelling performance in Ken Russell's audacious adaptation of Women in Love

She earned renown for roles that showcased her distinct blend of fiery intelligence and sexual charisma, solidifying her status as one of the era's most fascinating acting talents, and making her one of the rare few to achieve the American Triple Crown of Acting, with two Oscars, three Emmys, and a Tony.

Glenda Jackson in costume during her portrayal of Elizabeth I.

Glenda Jackson stars as Queen Elizabeth I in the  BBC Series Elizabeth R

Glenda Jackson & More

Explore the Park Walk Talks Series

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In addition to Glenda Jackson, the Park Walk Talks series features a diverse range of presenters and topics within the world of the arts.

Named after our address on Park Walk in Chelsea, this series immerses attendees in the rich intellectual works of various artists, researchers, lecturers, and experts.

Our Park Walk Talks encourage thought-provoking discussions and foster enthusiasm for photography and the arts. At Iconic Images, we pride ourselves on bringing arts education to the masses, whether you're a photography aficionado or a budding enthusiast. 

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