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Picturing The Stones, featuring Bill Wyman — Thursday, December 7th, 2023

This Thursday, December 7th, Iconic Images Gallery will host Picturing the Stones, a panel discussion and Q&A featuring founding member of the band Bill Wyman. The event will also celebrate the launch of The Rolling Stones: ICONS, an unmissable new anthology of Stones imagery and photographer interviews from ACC Art Books. 

Join us at our Piccadilly gallery for an evening of rock and roll reminiscence, as renowned photographers Gered Mankowtiz, Denis O’Regan and Greg Brennan join Wyman to discuss what it was like to photograph one of the greatest bands of all time.

The Rolling Stones: ICONS

Offering readers a new perspective on the rise of the Rolling Stones, ICONS comprises interviews and images from photographers and artists who closely followed the band’s explosive career.


Featuring never-before-seen images of the band, ICONS is an unmissable anthology composed of work from some of the most eminent names in photography, as well as original Stones bassist, Bill Wyman.


“Often, we just see the byline of the photographer next to a picture. In this collection, we now learn insider information about the Rolling Stones from the contributors who carried cameras.” — Reader’s Digest.


The Rolling Stones: ICONS by ACC Art Books

Meet the Panelists

Bill Wyman

Musician, photographer, and founding Rolling Stones member William George Wyman has long been a prominent figure in the worlds of art and music. 

As bassist for the Stones from 1962–1993, his photographs of acquaintances in the music industry offer a unique, insider perspective on the world of rock and roll.

His works are displayed in galleries worldwide, and have been featured in the Rook & Raven Gallery in London, as well as a 2010 retrospective in St. Paul de Vence.

In The Rolling Stones: ICONS, Wyman provides firsthand accounts of the band's early success, along with his own artistic career, which began with candid photos of the band. As he states, “I amused myself by taking photographs of what was happening around me – it makes me proud that this work has been accepted as more than just a collection of casual ‘snaps.’” 

The Rolling Stones photographed on Primrose Hill, 1966 by Gered Mankowitz

Gered Mankowitz

London-born Gered Mankowitz first began working with the Rolling Stones in 1965. After several years of pursuing a photography career and working out of his studio in Mason's Yard, he photographed Marianne Faithfull in 1964, who was managed by the Stones' manager, Andrew Loog Oldham.

He worked closely with the band, touring in the US and photographing several of their album covers. Over his prolific 50-plus-year career, he has worked with several world-famous musicians and leading magazines. He is currently focusing on exhibitions, publishing books of his works, and selling prints in galleries all over the world. 

Gered Mankowitz's works, featuring the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Idol and more, are available at Iconic Images. 

Keith Richards sitting in front of Blue Lena, 1966 by Gered Mankowitz

Denis O'Regan

An avid, lifelong rock and roll fan, Denis O'Regan grew up listening to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. His work with the Stones began in May 1972, when he photographed the band at London's 100 Club. Two days later, he shot the Stones’ opening three songs of their tour at Feyenoord Stadium, and was afterwards commissioned to photograph the remainder of the show. 

From then on, O'Regan stayed on tour for two months, shooting their entire European tour, capturing the group on stage and behind the scenes. 

In addition to his work with the Rolling Stones, Denis O'Regan is well-known for capturing many legendary acts including Queen, David Bowie, Duran Duran, AC/DC and more.  

Duran Duran: Careless Memories by Denis O'Regan

Greg Brennan

Greg Brennan is an acclaimed press photographer, known for capturing some of the biggest news moments in the last 25 years. His works have been requested by prominent figures such as Michael Jackson, the British Royal Family, and Bill Clinton.

Beginning in the early ‘90s, Brennan’s love for the Rolling Stones led to persistent attempts to photograph the band. Finally, he received an invitation to photograph the group in Hyde Park. After capturing over 2,000 frames, several of his images were used in worldwide publications the following day.

Greg Brennan is a longtime admirer of the Stones, remarking on their longevity, their influence, and their innovation as a rock band.

HM Queen Elizabeth II profile portrait, 2015 by Greg Brennan

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